Hour bookings include a minimum of 45 minutes walk to suit the dogs ability and needs. Dogs will be picked up and dropped home using my safe, liveried vehicle. Walks will be just your dog/s or your dog/s and a few others unless otherwise agreed. The number of dogs walked together will not exceed 4. I am happy to allow your dog/s off-lead exercise with your permission and after an initial assessment with myself.


These are anything from 10-30 minutes and typically include feeding, play, cuddles and clean up. These are particularly recommended for puppies who are too young for our walking service.


This involves me staying in your home and is suitable for an absence from one day, up to and including several weeks. It means minimal disruption for your dog/s routine allowing them to better cope with your absence. We aim to keep as closely to their normal routine as possible and this includes feeding, grooming, watering, cleaning, socialising, exercise and play. Pets will. It normally be left for more than four consecutive hours unless this has been agreed with the owner. This is a great service for households with multiple pets.

If you don't see a service that suits your needs please contact me as i may still be able to help.